4. Thomas Scheibitz

Thomas Scheibitz b. 1968, Radeberg, Germany. A Panoramic VIEW of Basic Events, oil, vinyl, lacquer, pigment marker and spray paint on canvas, 2011.The Alfond Collection of Contemporary Art Gift of Barbara '68 and Theodore '68 Alfond Cornell Fine Arts Museum, Rollins College 2013.34.152

   Thomas Scheibitz, who lives and works in Berlin, Germany, creates large-scale paintings with a shared pictorial language and palette. Another painting, presenting similar aesthetic choices, is on view in the lobby of the hotel. This work reveals an artistic approach defined by order with the grid-framework and nine individual “windows” that make up the composition, while a less controlled approach reveals itself in the drips of paint and the unharmonious way in which the gray paint meets the blue paint in the middle right area of the painting. Recognizable forms like the number 1, hearts, a clock, and a speech bubble are fairly easy to discern. Here, and in other canvases, Scheibitz blends representational and abstract imagery to create distinctive configurations. Scheibitz archives his own artistic process by photographing his paintings in progress each day until they are completed.