16. McArthur Binion

    McArthur Binion b. 1946 Macon, Mississippi, DNA: Black Painting: Ph Bk/B Cert: 1, 2015 Oil paint stick and paper on board The Alfond Collection of Contemporary Art, Gift of Barbara '68 and Theodore '68 Alfond 2015.1.42


McArthur Binion is an abstract artist who often favors a muted palette. His preference for black, gray, and white hues are evocative of Frank Stella's black paintings from the 1960s.

Binion was born in Macon, Mississippi were here worked in the cotton fields from an early age. Binion and his siblings lived in a one room house until his parents relocated to Michigan. This early experience of living in the rural South influenced Binion's later work including this painting. On one side of the composition the artist incorporates his birth certificate from Mississippi.

After graduating from Cranbrook, an exclusive art school located outside of Detroit, Michigan, the artist moved to New York. On the right side of the composition, the artist incorporates his address book which serves as a testament to an important part in his life when he was networking with other artists making a name for himself as an abstract painter.  The incorporation of the artist personal details into his minimalist works produce distinctive compositions. Moreover, his use of oil stick and the repetitive process of pressing the crayon into the paper yield unique mark making.