13. Geoff Hargadon

 Geoff Hargadon b. 1954 Wilmington, Delaware, Miami Plaque, Miami Beach, Miami Palm Trees, What is a Warhol, The Alfond Collection of Contemporary Art, Gift of Barbara '68 and Theodore '68 Alfond 2013.34.37,2013.34.43, 2013.34. 2014.1.17  

Geoff Hargadon is a conceptual artist, investment advisor, supporter of the arts, and cultural commentator. Here, a series of photographs and nearby a zinc plate represent the artist’s Cash for Your Warhol series. Hargadon began his Cash for Your Warhol project in response to Brandeis University’s 2009 proposal to sell the permanent collection of the Rose Art Museum, an institution particularly known for its holdings in post-war American art. This plan was met with protests as the works at the Rose Art Museum were viewed as a part of our cultural heritage, and therefore, priceless. Generous donors often give works to museums with the intention that they will be held in trust for the benefit of generations to come, not sold as if they were fungible assets. The Cash for Your Warhol series includes stickers, yard signs, a website, as well as zinc plates and audio components in addition to the photographs you see here. The verbiage on Hargadon’s website reads, “We can help you sell your art fast. Our global network of investors has helped lots of art collectors in situations like yours. They can often make you a written offer within hours of contacting us, regardless of economic conditions, and have your problems solved within days.”  Hargadon’s distinctive aesthetic and appropriation of commercial language continues to evolve and provoke important questions about the power and validity of the contemporary art market.